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      Orlando Florida Vacation Home Rentals

Vacation Home Rentals in Orlando, Florida

At Only Orlando you will find a listing of very choice, reasonably priced Orlando Florida Vacation rental homes offered by private owners. Some of these Orlando rental homes will accommodate up to 14 guests.

Lara Chartier, webmaster at Only Orlando and owner of two short term rental homes in the Orlando area, has provided DW Insider with helpful information if you are considering renting a vacation home in the Orlando, Florida area:

Home Rentals
Orlando Florida Vacation Rental HomeHome rentals are located in communities that typically includes long and short term residents. The amenities vary greatly from one subdivision to another. Most will have a
playground and park area. Some will have all the common amenities seen at the resort properties, such as a communal pool, tennis courts, etc.

A short term rental MUST be located in a short term rental community. Most of these communities are located in Kissimmee (3-6 miles from Disney), Clermont (8-10 miles from Disney) and Davenport (10-15 miles from Disney). There are not any short term rental communities near the Universal Parks in Orlando. If someone suggests they have a short term rental in the Universal area, ask for a copy of their license by the State of Florida. It is possible to obtain short term zoning on a private lot, but it is very rare.

Most Orlando area vacation rental homes will allow check-In to be on any day of the week. There is typically a minimum stay of 3 nights and maximum stay of 90 nights. Many people take advantage of this and rent 10 days (1 week and 2 weekends).

With the exception of a few bungalows, most vacation rental homes are 3-6 bedrooms with 2-4 bathrooms. Since these homes are in a strictly rental community, you will find that homes with 5+ bedrooms tend to have 2 master bedroom suites, which makes it wonderful for extended families or two families to share the home.

There is a maximum of 8-14 people per home depending upon the size of the home. The homes will vary in size from 1200-2400 square feet.

Orlando Florida rental homes are typically owned by one family and each home is unique. The thing they all have in common is a full size washer and dryer, basic household item, linens, and TVs, and most include an enclosed pool.

Orlando Rental Home Pool

The pool is wonderful to have when traveling with children. Kids love going to the pool and in a communal setting it will eat up 15-20 minutes just to get the kids ready and go to the pool. With a pool in back of the home, it takes just a few minutes and you are there. Swimming for 15 minutes here and there becomes fun and enjoyable for all.

All Orlando Florida rental homes are required to have pool access alarms or child fence to ensure the safety of the families. There is debate over which system is better. Pool access alarms sound an alarm when any window or door is open to gain access to the pool area, immediately alerting a parent. Child fencing restricts access to the pool. Both are effective but in a different way. It is a parental choice which one you feel is safer when choosing a rental home.

As mentioned, each Orlando vacation rental home is unique. Some homes are themed, such as a Disney Theme, Castle Theme, or Golf Theme, while others might offer a closer location or more resort amenities. Some homes offer large screen TVs, DVD players, Game Systems, Infant Needs, Children’s Toys, Golf Course access and more.

Most Orlando rental homes will charge a per night rate or weekly rate. To that price you will need to add 12% or 13% for local and FL State taxes.

Departure Cleaning is typically added separately. Pool Heat can be included in the rate or it may be extra. Pool Heat is typically $15-$20 per night depending on the size of the pool. It is becoming more popular to charge a standard rate per night regardless of the time of year and include the pool heat during the value (and cooler) season.

Advantages of a Orlando Home Rental
1. Great for Individual, Multiple Families or Groups
2. Park in a Garage or Driveway... Only Feet From the Front Door
3. More Space, Bedrooms and Bathrooms
4. More In-House Amenities
5. Typically No Set Check-In/Check-Out Date
6. Privacy
7. Private Pool

Disadvantages of a Orlando Home Rental
1. Hard to Compare Homes
2. More Expensive for a Single Family
3. No Daily Maid Service
4. Check In Location May Not Be at the Home

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