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      Disney World Weather

The Weather at Disney World is Pleasant to Hot Most of the Year

The Disney World weather can have a big impact on your trip planning. Thw weather at Disney World can range from sunny and pleasant to rainy and wet. In the summer, Disney World also tends to get an afternoon rain shower. Use this chart to help plan what events and items to pack for your trip.

Month Max. Min.
January 70.8 49.7
February 72.7 55.2
March 78.0 55.2
April 83.0 59.4
May 87.8 65.9
June 90.5 71.8
July 91.5 73.1
August 91.5 73.4
September 89.7 72.4
October 84.6 65.8
November 78.5 57.5
December 72.9 51.3

Florida doesn’t have hurricanes often, but on our 2004 Disney World trip we were sandwiched between Hurricane Charley and Hurricane Francis. Having been through a hurricane in the past, we were determined not sit out anything higher than a category 2 and left the day before Francis hit the Orlando area.

If you find the end of your Disney World vacation matching an approaching weather storm, fill your gas tank early while the pumps still have gas.

Disney World assembles teams of cast members who work through the night taking down any fixtures that could be damaged in a storm. Once the bad weather has passed, these teams reassemble the Disney World parks. Typically, severe weather will only cause the Disney World parks to be closed for a day or two. Disney Resort Hotels have generators and will still have power even if the surrounding area does not.

Otherwise, Disney World weather is pleasant to hot most of the year.

The theme parks are open year round but check what the operating hours are—it varies.

The water parks are closed for maintenance certain times during the off season, so you need to inquire about each water park’s operating season.