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Getting the Best Care for Your Pets at Disney World

Four-legged friends are welcome at Disney World. Disney World Pets have the option of staying at the kennels as follows:

Indoor Boarding
Includes two potty walks.
Standard $37.00
Resort Guest $34.00

Indoor/Outdoor Boarding
Includes one potty walk.
Standard $40.00
Resort Guest $36.00

Vacation Villas
Includes one potty walk, playgroup, a flat screen TV  & a turndown biscuit.
Standard $59.00
Resort Guest $53.00

The kennels prefer you to bring your own dog food so as to not cause a sudden dietary problem. However, food Pet Kenels at Disney Worldwill be supplied if you were to forget. You must also bring shot records for your dog in order to use the Disney World pet kennels. Each animal has a separate area and they are a decent size. You can call the Disney World kennels directly at (407) 824-6568.

Thank you to Jessica for the updated kennel and price information.