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ID On Me can help with keeping track of your children at Disney World

ID On MeEven the best of parents can become distracted at Disney World and that is often when small children will wander off. Trust me, I know about this one first hand! As a parent of 4 boys, I am always on the lookout for new products that will help keep my boys safe.

The new patented ID On Me Personal ID bracelets are the perfect solution! Your personal information is stored in a water resistant compartment which makes it perfect for the water parks, water rides, and rainy days.

Before the ID On Me, we used engraved bracelets that had to be re-made everytime we moved or changed our phone numbers. The ID On Me has solved that problem! It comes with 4 inserts that allow you to quickly change your information. This even allows you to include your resort contact information while on your trip.

ID On Me tennis shoeThe unique ID On Me comes with an adjustable wrist band. However, my favorite feature is that you can detach the ID On Me from the bracelet where it can easily be attached through your child's shoe laces or even through a velcro shoe strap for younger children by adjusting the bracelet to the smallest setting.

In addition to being great for travel, the ID On Me can also provide important medical information like allergies to certain food or medications. My 11 year old has a severe peanut allergy and the peace of mind that the ID On Me gives is priceless in knowing that medical personnel will be able to treat him properly in a life threatening situation.

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