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      Best Time to Visit Disney World

The Best Time to Visit Disney World is in The Off Season

When is the Best Time to Visit Disney WorldIf you are not restricted by the school calendar, there is a best time to visit Disney World. You can save a lot of money by going in the off season. The off season begins mid August and goes through May, with the exceptions of holidays and spring breaks for schools and colleges. June, July, and August—when schools are out—are busy months. Plus, they are the most expensive with the exception on the winter holidays.

If you have children who start to school after Labor Day, or who get out earlier in the spring, that is a best time to visit Disney World too. Going then can mean good hotel discounts—and comfortable weather. You may find reduced park hours, but that will be offset by reduced crowds and less waiting in lines. You may run into more attractions being renovated, and some stores closed.

As a former Disney cast member here is the scoop about when to start your vacation if your vacation time is flexible. Plan to arrive to the Disney World area on Thursday. Both Friday and Saturday are transition days for park visitors, especially in the summer months. Saturdays do draw in more annual pass holders to the park, but that is the major day that people either arrive or leave the area. This causes attendance figures to be down, making it a best time to visit Disney World parks. (Disney does not publish attendance figures.)

Best time to Visit Disney World is in the Off Season

If you are planning to have a day of rest in your vacation, by arriving on Thursday you can enjoy two days of parks with reduced crowds and then use Sunday to rest. Sunday attendance figures tended to be the highest of the week when I worked for Disney due to people starting their vacations and local annual pass holders going to the parks. If during those first two days you are planning to visit the Magic Kingdom, plan to do it on Friday. Attendance figures pick up for that park on Saturday.

You will be able to do more attractions in the first two days while you are revved up, and then it will allow you to relax and enjoy the park on the more crowded days.

If you have your heart set on going to a certain water park, check the web site for that park to make sure it is not closed for maintenance.

By following the tips on the best time to visit Disney World, you will make the most of your vacation time.